Government Responds to S.A Racism


 South African Government cracks the whip on recent racism in SA

The government has issued a response to the recent racism incidents that have been taking place across the country, this comes after the incident that took place on March 24th at Spur ranch in Johannesburg.

An emphasis was made on the use of social media platforms to further advance the racial divide amongst south Africans, according the government the racial posts on social media are a deliberate act undermining the social progress and cohesion that South Africa has been building since the adoption of a democratic government  23 years ago, one such case would be the 2016 Facebook post from Penny Sparrow  calling black people monkeys .




Racism will not be tolerated

Acting GCIS Director General, Donald Liphoko, said; “It is unfortunate that such comments follow hot on the heels of the country commemorating Human Rights Day. Government will actively pursue offenders through all available mechanisms including confronting employers and will not allow incidents of racism to define us as a country. What we do in defense of our country today will define who we are as a country in the future. Those found guilty of racist utterances and acts must face the consequences of their actions. ”

Government counteraction plan

Those who found themselves victims of racist attacks on Social Media are encouraged to file charges on such incidents as they are a violation of Human Rights and undermine the constitutional law of the land–the department of justice is reportedly working on devising a National Action Plan against racism and related intolerances to combat further proliferation such racial hatred, the purpose of this would be account for responsibility for their own online content, racism on social media would now be viewed in the same light as any deformation content on traditional publications by South African law.



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